Tijuana Art comes to San Diego

Via San Diego City Beat by Jennifer Mcentee
Published Oct. 23, 2014
Repurposed by Sam Wormser Nov. 14, 2014

Photo: courtesy of Nodo Gallery

Artist Claudia Ramirez Martinez from Tijuana is joining forces with artist César Vázquez for a project at Art San Diego Nov. 6 through 9 at the Balboa Park Activity Center. The project is called “Limites/Boundaries” and includes clay sculptures of human figures in flight.
Artists from Tijuana are diverse and young and use lots of different materials and subjects to produce a unique style. The exhibit will provide a great opportunity for San Diegan’s to see a different side of art from another area.

For more of this article visit http://www.sandiegomagazine.com/San-Diego-Magazine/November-2014/Tijuana-Art-Comes-to-San-Diego/

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